DMV Services

    It is important to keep all vehicle documents in order but you should not waste time making long lines to achieve it.

    InterBrokers Registration is certified by the DMV to carry out any movement that you require to manage in your department. Licenses, registrations, changes of ownership and duplicates are some of the procedures that InterBrokers Registration can do for you quickly and effectively.

    Do not waste time, leave it in the hands of certified advisors.


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    The State will let you know, through the DMV, when it is time to renew your vehicle registration. Avoid long lines and late fees, let InterBrokers handle the process.

    Change of Owner

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    Changes to the owner of a vehicle must be registered in the DMV. A change of this type can be presented before a purchase or gift of a car, by the addition or removal of a name to the vehicle title, by an inheritance or by the total satisfactory payment of the car.

    Depending on the particularities of each case, there are several fees to cover.

    New registration

    Vehicles from other US states

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    New cars for the State of California, that is, not listed in your DMV records, must be registered within 20 days of your entry or residence to the state.

    To avoid late fees, InterBrokers handles the process for you.

    New registration

    Mexican vehicles

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    To carry out the registration of a Mexican vehicle, the DMV requires a series of documents and certifications.

    From the application for the title, the original title and certain fees, as well as the evidence and exams necessary to establish that the vehicle meets the strict state regulations.

    New registration

    Mexican boxes

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    Due to the implementation of the permanent trailer identification program, all commercial vehicles used to transport merchandise must be registered and have their identification certificate.

    Mexican vehicles can enter US territory only if they meet all state and federal requirements.

    The specifications of your registration and identification certificate may vary depending on your transit zone. (If it exceeds the boundaries of the border shopping area.)

    Registry duplicate

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    Whether it is for the loss of the original vehicle registration or that it has been damaged or already illegible, it is important to request a duplicate registration.

    The process of this process is generally simple, including the request of the duplicate and the coverage of certain fees, InterBrokers can simplify it even more saving you time and money.

    Stickers duplicate

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    If these have been lost, stolen or damaged it is important to have your duplicate.

    The procedure to obtain them again through the DMV includes the submission of a request for the duplicate, in InterBrokers we can make this procedure even simpler and without complications.

    Duplicate sheets

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    The reason for requesting a duplicate of sheets may be due to the loss, theft or damage thereof.

    In any case, the procedure requires that the formal request for the duplicate be filled out, the necessary fees be covered and the damaged remains of the previous sheets be returned or an official theft report is submitted.

    At InterBrokers we ensure that this procedure does not represent a waste of time or money for you.